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Development of pragmatic concepts and hands-on implementation

We guide you in the sustainable positioning of your business and lead challenging projects.
Focused. Structured. Efficient.

We offer 25+ years business consulting, interim management and industry leadership experience. And many completed projects. Successful.
With a high return-on-invest.


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business transformation

We support you in developing an effective transformation strategy

It all starts with Change. Change is constant and inevitable.
Change is the driver.
Embrace change, be flexible, identify opportunities and lead your business to a sustainable future.

Does your organisation needs change?
We guide you through change and business transformation.
To create a future-proof business. Profitable and sustainable.

Business Transformation is the answer towards Change.

Business Transformation is creating the future.
The future and success of your business. Your future.

Transformation keeps your business agile and flexible for lasting success in an ever-changing world.


Strategy and innovation are the core of business transformation

The basis: Identify your sustainable competitive advantage
We are passionate to position your business for a successful future in a changing world.

We believe in the value of a Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) as a basis for lasting profit generation for your business.
We love the challenge to connect technologies and markets.
In particular, with a view on future products, services and markets!

First, we develop your Unique Value Proposition with focus on future customer needs and markets in a changing world.

The task: Creating your vision
We support you to identify the right future place for specific products, services, business units and/or whole organisations.
To find out what that place looks like.
To describe your direction.
To define your Vision and Mission.

The path2market: Develop your strategies
If you know your place and have a Vision – how to get there?
We design your Transformation Strategy, including specific Business, Marketing and Innovation Strategies.

We support you to define your roadmap. And your specific strategies.
Essentially, your unique and proprietary path2market.


The basis: Focus on innovation
You have Vision and Strategy in place. How to support your Business Growth and Strategy with Innovation?

Ultimately, your future business success is based on innovation.

the task: develop your innovation strategy
To succeed, Innovation is a fundamental component of your Growth Strategy.

Here is what we can do for you.

The path2market: Implement your strategies
There a many ways to grow your business and your profit margin. Main focus areas are:

Markets: Develop new markets – discover new paths2market. 
– Technologies: Identify emerging trends and technologies
– Research & Development: Develop new products/services
– Intellectual Property: Protect and secure your innovations
– Alliances, Mergers and Acquisition: Find innovative partners or acquire innovations
– Excellence: Improve business and operations processes
– Efficiency: Focus on value adding activities and reduce cost

We create the foundations for innnovation and support the implementation of your strategies


We appreciate: Challenging assignments and complex projects
Your Transformation and Innovation Strategies are in place, now you need to execute.

You require committed and experienced leadership for challenging projects.
We support you – also in difficult situations.

We provide managerial resources and leadership expertise.

We combine hand-on experience from various industries and interim-management assignments with excellent business consulting expertise.

We offer: A solid track record in various industries
We support international corporations and small to medium size enterprises.

We also provide expert knowledge to consulting firms and private equity.

Consulting to completion: We accompany you in your business transformation or project. From concept development to successful implementation.

Contract manufacturing (CDMO)
Food (FMCG)
Life sciences
Medical devices
Off-shore oil & gas

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